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What is WUCWO?

Founded in 1910, the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organisations unites the action and prayer of 100 member Catholic women’s organisations around the world in order to promote the presence, participation, and co-responsibility of Catholic women in the Church and society in order to enable them to fulfill their mission of evangelisation and to work for human development.

What are the principal areas of activity for WUCWO?

• Promote the formation of women to meet contemporary challenges
• Foster awareness and respect of cultural diversity
• Promote the international dimension within its Member Organisations
• Co-ordinate activities of Member Organisations at international level
• Present the positions of WUCWO and represent the Member Organisations to international bodies
• Network with other international organisations and faith communities for the respect of human rights, especially for women
• Encourage ecumenical and interreligious dialogue.

How does WUCWO have an international presence?

There are currently over 100 WUCWO member organisations representing every populated region of the world.  The WUCWO Board is made up of 27 elected members from these organisations and an Executive Committee. In addition, representatives from Caritas International, ACISJF and UISG are important ex officio members of the WUCWO Board.

WUCWO also has presence at several international agencies with designated International Representatives at the United Nations Economic and Social Council (New York), the Human Rights Council (Geneva), the FAO (Rome), participatory status at the Council of Europe (Strasbourg) and is an official partner of UNESCO (Paris). 

Who can join WUCWO?

Catholic women’s organisations in good standing with their bishop that request member status by completing an application packet available from the Secretariat.

Is WUCWO an official part of the Catholic Church?

WUCWO is an international women’s organisation officially acknowledged by the Holy See. In 2006, WUCWO was erected as a Public International Association of the Faithful and as such supports the teachings of the Catholic Church and focuses on promoting Catholic social teaching. Its member organisations are approved by their bishops. They keep their autonomy with democratically elected officers and with the activities they promote, faithful to the Magisterium of the Church. Thus, WUCWO participates in the life and mission of the Universal Church.

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