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Building peace: a real challenge for all

Here you can find extracts from some of the articles found in Women's Voice issue 42.


Editorial, Virginia Rivero Lozada

We are starting this year 2017 with the 42th edition of our magazine Women’s Voice with the theme: Building peace: a real challenge for everyone.  This title sets out -for the women of the WUCWO-  the commitment to be peacemakers all over the world. [...] WUCWO and all who have made this magazine possible do their bit towards achieving peace and non-violence. [...] Continued in Women's Voice

President General's Message, Maria Giovanna Ruggieri

On  January 1st we celebrate the World day of Peace and this year we have commemorated the 50th anniversary since this day was set up by Pope Paul VI as a result of the Vatican Council which dedicated a chapter in Gaudium et Spes to the theme of peace. [...] As WUCWO women committed for the promotion of human life we are perfectly aware of the responsibility we have to work for peace eliminating any form of indifference. [...]  Continued in Women's Voice

Politics for Peace, Father Gerard Whelan

The address given by Pope Francis on January 1 2017 for the World Day of Peace, has a striking title: “Nonviolence: a Style of Politics for Peace.” In this address he makes reference to figures like Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr. and encourages Catholics to imitate their example. [...] He states: “Jesus himself lived in violent times. Yet He taught that the true battlefield, where violence and peace meet, is the human heart.” [...] Continued in Women's Voice

Violence does not have the final word, María Lía Zervino

In 2017, we are celebrating the 90th anniversary of WUCWO's decision to participate in the League of Nations. As we know, this international body preceded the United Nations between the two World Wars, in order to avoid the scourges against humanity. The pioneer women of WUCWO were very clear that "violence does not have the final word" [...] Continued in Women's Voice

Two kinds of peace, Maribeth Stewart

There are basically two main contexts from which we view peace: Inner peace and peace between and among people, be they two or more individuals, states, nations, or religions. Unless one achieves inner peace, or at least keeps striving toward that sometimes elusive state, it is difficult to imagine that entire nations that differ in ideologies, status, economies, and values could be at peace with each other. [...] Continued in Women's Voice

Educating for peace, Irene Picasso

[...] Unfortunately, every day we are witnesses of the different types of violence that hurt society: verbal violence, psycho-physical violence, violence of submission, violence of abduction of people, violence of not being able to practice faith freely. For 78 years, Misiones Rurales Argentinas has been promoting peace with its insistent work for a better education. [...] Continued in Women's Voice

Building pace: a real challenge for all, Marie-Madeleine Mwifi Bodibatu

The 20th and 21st centuries will be remembered as centuries of events that have overshadowed human behavior and brought about deep changes in the socio-economic, moral and spiritual life of humanity. [...] We, Christian Catholic women, know that peace, like mercy, is the fruit of love. God-Love is the source of peace. Jesus is our peace. The Christian united with Jesus is called to be a builder of peace, a peacemaker. [...] Continued in Women's Voice

Women's Voice

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Voices from our Member Organisations which are testimony to the commitment of WUCWO´s members on the theme of Family: School of Mercy.

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