Rio +20 Conference

Rio +20 Conference

Sustainability starts with respect of the human being

Two representatives of the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organizations will take part at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development “Rio +20“ which begins today in Brazil.

Rosaline Nganku Menga (Cameroon), WUCWO Vice President for Africa and Mariana Vanyay (Argentina) will join with local administrations, NGOs, scientific communities, and trade-unions that have been invited.

“Among the resolutions voted during WUCWO’s latest General Assembly, held in Jerusalem in 2010 – stated WUCWO General President, Maria Giovanna Ruggieri - is one specifically related to attention to the environment”.

Resolution n°2 “resolves to facilitate educational programmes that enhance our understanding of local, regional and global ecological issues and the teachings of the Magisterium of the Church on ecology. These programmes should integrate respect for life and our responsibilities to future generations.”

The main topics of the Rio Conference, Ms Ruggieri stated, “are among the themes of WUCWO’s environmental commitment, especially research concerning sustainable development with the objective of eradicating widespread poverty. The right to a dignified life for every man and woman should be a priority for all governments and citizens of the world and this conference should highlight this responsibility.”

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