WUCWO will encourage and support its member organizations and its representatives working at international fora to give priority to the theme of the family and the most urgent challenges it is facing, through:
• Programs particularly directed to young people, which can give them reason of family´s worth for the life and the future of the world, as an educator of spirituality and evangelical values.
• Campaigns to promote the complementarity between man and woman and to prevent and end discrimination against women and girls as well as any kind of violence and domestic abuse.
• Provision of assistance to single mothers and their children, welcoming them to our organizations and advocating for policies to assist them.
• Encourage governments to prohibit the practices of alteration, manipulation and treatment of human reproductive material that result in the destruction of human embryos.
Such work will be supported with the publication of articles and special sections in WUCWO´s publications and with the launching of a “campaign for the enhancement of the family” through its organizations around the world.

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