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Testimonies from Mali

Keita 1

After the one in Fatima in 2014, God gave us the grace to celebrate our GA, a sign of our commitment as women and mothers, through our various activities and actions that are reflected in the paths laid out by Pope Francis. In fact, Pope Francis' encyclicals are a guide for our lives.

Women carriers of "living water" to a world which thirsts for peace: how can we integrate this theme in our life, family and society? The Blessed Virgin Mary brings us harmony and tranquillity wherever she is.

I fully appreciate the tradition of WUCWO, which is manifested in the promotional action by the 3 candidates for WUCWO’s general presidency and their presentation of a programme for the future.

The President passed a key message to the assembly: concrete holiness, living it in the Beatitudes, another Christian identity card, recognising our limits before God. We must discern, be open and pay attention to the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Holiness, an experience with Christ; to give love and to be a virgin, a boundless humility. I congratulate her on having strengthened our personal commitment so that we can commit ourselves as witnesses and to do it together, because unity makes strength. She also presented us with a solid and edifying programme; "apart from me you can do nothing" (Jn 15:5).

My second testimony is about the familiarisation with the constitution of 11 groups (6 English-speaking and 5 French-speaking), a place to share and exchange experiences.
Faced with the diversity of our respective countries, we have learned from each other by constructively discussing our different opinions and realities. We have found enormous richness in our differences and in the promotion of women's dignity.

The third testimony is  about the presence of young women in the General Assembly.

I thank WUCWO for the scholarships given to the young ladies. I thank WUCWO for showing us that the organisation needs new generations, a space open to young women, a source of strength, and innovative ideas, in this year dedicated to young people. The young people have expressed their willingness to get involved, by staying in touch with each other, taking advantage of new technologies and social networks, and by regularly informing, writing and sharing articles on WUCWO’s website. This network of young women, who are eager to become the "pivot" of WUCWO, gives glory to God as they demonstrate that they have understood Pope Francis' statement at the recent Synod on Young People in Rome:

"Talk to the elderly, talk to the grandparents: they are the roots of your growth… Take strength from your roots but don't just leave it like that. Be fruitful and in turn become root for others."

The WUCWO General Assembly, held from 15 to 22 October in Dakar, Senegal, was an opportunity to make aware each Catholic woman so as to make their personal commitment, to be a witness and to do so together with her sisters, because unity is strength.
May God, through the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Popenguine, help us to joyfully assume our responsibilities, give us the strength to commit ourselves more and more for love, unity and peace in the world.

I cannot conclude this note without reiterating my gratitude to WUCWO for the General Assembly in the light of the Magisterium of Pope Francis. My gratitude goes also to CUDAFCS and to the entire ecclesial hierarchy of the Church of Senegal who spared no effort for the success of this assembly.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Florine Camara Sarre

Association des Femmes Catholiques du Mali

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