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Regional News

Echos of the ADFCAC - Guinea Conakry


Themes ADFCAC works on in Guinea Conakry:
• integral ecology
• "the family in its most vulnerable members."

• Participation of Catholic women in the sanitation of our cities in the three dioceses of Guinea.

• Assistance to the most vulnerable members:
- Donations of all kinds to the dispensary of San Gabriel in the Commune of Matoto/Conakry
- Donations of clothing and food to the victims of the Nzérékoré and Fria disasters
- Donations of school supplies, health care items and clothing to the orphanages of the Samaritan woman of Bambéto and to the house of St. Joseph of Dubréka, as well as to the widows of the Archdiocese of Conakry.
- Donations of all kinds to the Regina Maris Centre, a school for the rehabilitation of disabled children and children in difficult situations.

• Feelings we have experienced upon the return fr General Assembly:
- Joy and satisfaction shared with the women of the three dioceses of our country

• Actions after the General Assambly:
- Organisation of a meeting to present the resolutions of the Dakar General Assembly
- General information to be transmitted to the parishes and the Religious and Administrative Authorities of the country.
- Prospects of establishing sanitation projects in our cities to have a healthy planet (WUCWO Resolution no. 1).


Titi Kamano

WUCWO Board Member, Guinea Conakry


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