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Synod Webinars

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Witnesses and protagonists of change: World Women’s Observatory 

3 Webinars in preparation for the Assembly, from the perspective of women of the Synod

The upcoming Assembly of the Synod of Bishops promises to be an extraordinary event involving 85 women, 54 of whom will have the right to vote. This scenario of inclusiveness represents a significant step towards full collaboration between women and men within the Church.

As part of its ongoing Synodality and Women project, the World Women's Observatory (WWO) of the World Union of Catholic Women's Organisations (WUCWO), will organise on September 13th and 14th a cycle of three preparatory webinars entitled "Let Us Prepare for the Assembly in Dialogue with the Women of the Synod."


September 13th: 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM (Rome time)

Speaker: Julia McStravog - USA - Co-coordinator of the Continental Synod

Speaker: Daniela Cannavina - Colombia - Facilitator of the Synodal Assembly

Panelist: Barbara Dowding - Canada - Co-responsible for the National and Continental Synod

Panelist: Oksana Pimenova - Russia/Canada - Witness of the Synodal Process at the Synodal Assembly

Panelist: Birgit Weiler - Peru - Co-responsible of the Continental Synod

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September 14th: 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM (Rome time)

Speaker: Momoko Nishimura - Japan -  President Delegate at the Synodal Assembly

Speaker: Helena Jeppesen-Spuhler - Switzerland - Witness of the Synodal Process at the Synodal Assembly

Panelist: Souraya Bechealany - Lebanon - Co-responsible of the Maronite Synod of Women

Panelist: Eva Fernandez Mateo - Spain - Pope's special guest at the Synodal Assembly

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September 14th: 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM (Rome time)

Speaker: Ester Maria Lucas - Mozambique - Witness of the Synodal Process at the Synodal Assembly

Speaker: Cristina Inoges Sanz - Spain - Member of the Synodal Assembly by pontifical appointment

Panelist: Angelika Ritter-Grepl - Austria - Member of the Continental Synod

Panelist: Marcela Mazzini - Argentina - Co-responsible of National and Continental Synod

Panelist: Xiskya Lucia Valladares - Nicaragua - Co-responsible for the Digital Synod and member of the Synodal Assembly by pontifical appointment

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These sessions, organised with the collaboration of the Synod's Secretariat, have a primary objective of discussing certain aspects of the Instrumentum laboris of the XVI Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, from the female perspective, while also presenting results of a WWO project on the experiences of women from various countries co-responsible of the diocesan, national and continental synodal process.

The webinars will feature with the accompaniment of Sister Nathalie Becquart, Undersecretary of the Synod Secretariat and two distinguished speakers. Each speaker will delve into two points from the Instrumentum laboris to provide their insights. The first will pertain to what they consider most significant for the journey of the entire People of God, while the second will focus on issues most relevant to women, in the path towards a synodal Church.

Mónica Santamarina, WUCWO and WWO’s President General, explained that “The aim of these webinars is to explore the core themes of the Synod with a special emphasis on "Being a Synodal Church" and valuing and promoting women’s fundamental role played in the Church in the Synodal context, in a spirit of cooperation”.

The webinars will benefit from simultaneous translation in English, French, Spanish, and Italian, offering a unique opportunity to enrich the ongoing discourse, playing a crucial role in guiding the Church towards greater inclusivity and participation. Both women and men interested in the future of the Church are invited.


WUCWO brings together approximately 100 Catholic organisations from all continents, each represented by a woman, promoting the co-responsibility of women in evangelization and integral human development, encompassing around eight million womens.


The World Women's Observatory (WWO) was established in 2021 to provide visibility to women, particularly the most vulnerable, and to inspire and generate strategies and actions by the Church, NGOs, States, and international bodies that foster their integral human development, as well as that of their families, communities, and peoples. WWO motto is "listening to transform lives."

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