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WUCWO's Annual Intentions

Each year, WUCWO proposes to its member organisations a prayer related to one of the resolutions in force.


intenzione 2021 ENG

(This is the signal designed for victims of domestic violence to ask for help in these times of isolation at home
while they are on a video call with someone that could help them.

PRAYER FOR RESOLUTION #3: Let Us Eliminate Violence and Discrimination Against Women.

Dear Lord,

We pray for all touched by the evil of violence:

For the victim survivors;

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Intention 2020

family walking on path 1682497PRAYER FOR RESOLUTION #2: Let Us Take Care of the Family in Difficult Situations.


For those deprived of their human rights,
Of freedom to practice their religion, of freedom to live in peace, of freedom to pursue their chosen vocation, of their basic human needs:
that they may receive the dignity God intends for all persons;
We pray to the Lord:

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Intention 2019


A healthy planet depends on all of us 2019

Oh God our Father, we call on you to send your Holy Spirit to inspire us to care for our beloved planet in a way that protects our waterways, oceans, flora and fauna and promotes sustainable human development that depends on these. We know that we are at times careless in these matters and we ask for your help to become more like Jesus Christ in our care for our wonderful home and world of nature as well as our compassion for our brothers and sisters who are most vulnerable. We recall that Jesus Christ will come at the end of time and we pray that He will find that we have been good stewards of creation.

We make this prayer through the same Christ our Lord.


Intentions 2015 - 2018

Corruption/General Assembly 2018

War, terrorism, corruption and the like seem far beyond our ability to make a difference. May God bless us with strength to stand in the way of injustice, oppression and exploitation, so that we may work for justice, freedom and peace. Bless all the women of the world who face an unjust global trade system as they struggle to feed their children to provide warmth and comfort, to bring hope and peace to the worl. May we strive to remove barriers and change systems. And as we prepare for our General Assembly, help us, as women of hope, to advocate, to persist, to do what we can, trusting that you will bring to completion every good work started in your name.



Suffering Women 2017

Lord, you call us to share your table and also your cross of anguish with our sisters whoa re suffering. We pray for all who are being abused, violated, oppressed, and in situations that deprive them of their dignity. We pray for mothers yearning for adequate, clean drinking water and proper sanitation, sufficient food and health care for their families. We pray for those struggling for survival, those brokem and alienated, refugees and visible minorities experiencing repeated discrimination, bearing the brunt of indifference and oppression. We pray for the day when women who are equal in ability have equal rights and can live in peace, joy and harmony. We ask all this with the hope that only You can provide.



Family and Youth 2016

During this Holy Year of Mercy, Lord, we pray for all families of the world and seek to bring the Gospel of mercy to each person. We pray for single mothers sacrificing to feed and clothe their children. Gaurd all newborns, guide the young and their vocations. Open our eyes to see the beauty and future in our youth; give us the ears to listen to their stories. Keep them safe from all addictions and free the victims of human trafficking. With the loving patronage of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the Holy Family of Nazareth, the WUCWO women of hope pray that the family be a sanctuaty of peace, love and faith.



Dialogue 2015

We are all members of His body, the hands, the feet, the voice and face of Jesus. As we dialogue with out sisters and brothers in Christ, let us be open to them, sharing their joys and sorrows. Guide us as we learn from the wisdom of each other. Help us to accept others and their differences. Pope Francis tells us that dialogue is necessary for peace in the world. As women of hope and sowers of peace, in Jesus' name, we pray for that dialogue.