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Intention 2020

family walking on path 1682497PRAYER FOR RESOLUTION #2: Let Us Take Care of the Family in Difficult Situations.


For those deprived of their human rights,
Of freedom to practice their religion, of freedom to live in peace, of freedom to pursue their chosen vocation, of their basic human needs:
that they may receive the dignity God intends for all persons;
We pray to the Lord:


For the marginalized,

For the homeless, the bullied, for migrants and refugees, for those shunned due to cultural practice;
for all with no voice;
that cultures and hearts will change and embrace all equally as true brothers and sisters;

We pray to the Lord:


For all who are forgotten,

For older persons who are lonely;

for prisoners with no one to visit them;

for children lacking in attention;

and for all whom the world has forgotten:
that they may receive the love, respect, and care they deserve;
We pray to the Lord:


For all who are feeling abandoned:

For those contemplating abortion or suicide,

for the children who leave their families;

For the abandoned and the trafficked;

For all who feel hopeless and who despair;

that all realize they are a unique and cherished gift from God and that they feel His comfort and care;

We pray to the Lord


For those who live with mental disorders:
Let the gifts they have received from God and that they share with us be treasured
and through the gift of their lives, may everyone feel the presence and joy of the Lord;
We pray to the Lord:


For the protection of the vulnerable:

For all who need protection from dangerous situations;

For all unborn children and their mothers at risk;

For the spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional needs of the vulnerable;

For all living in poverty situations or with lack of work;

That their families and communities receive the grace and strength needed to provide a close unit where all care for each other in peace, joy, and unconditional love;

We pray to the Lord


Dear Lord

We bring these petitions to you in the midst of a world where there is division, war, hatred, selfishness, and greed. We ask your blessing on the most vulnerable of your children. Please guide their families, teachers, and all authority figures to cultivate a safe environment for all children, youth, and vulnerable persons. Let them know that they are always deeply treasured, valued, and loved and let Your peace and joy be held close throughout their lives.