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Resolutions 2001-2014

Resolutions adopted at the 2010 General Assembly

1.  End the Use of Information Technology in Sexual Exploitation of Children
2.   Promote a Covenant between Human Beings and the Environment
3.   Rescue the Children of the Street
4.   Campaign for a Culture of Life
5.   Work to Abolish Forced Marriage
6.   Strengthen Training of Catholic Leaders
7.   Defend and Support Migrants
8.   Commit to Ecumenical and Interfaith Dialogue
9.   Produce a Statistical Evaluation of Poverty According to Sex
10. Prevent Inappropriate Sexualisation of Children
11. Mobilise to Halt Infanticide
12. Reaffirm the Family Unit

Resolutions adopted at the 2006 General Assembly

1.   Day of prayer for sexually abused
2.   Education (Children)
3.   Girls and boys at risk
4.   Commitment to democracy
5.   The woman saves the environment
6.   Solidarity in globalization
8.   Ratification of international Covenant on Death Penalty
9.   Campaigning against Manufacture, Storage,
10. Trading and use of weapons
11. Improving the Women’s economic situation
12. The family
13. End of trafficking of children

Resolutions adopted at the 2001 General Assembly

1.   Safe drinking water
2.   Cloning
3.   Sexual Exploitation of Children
4.   Trafficking of women and girls
5.   Violence against women
6.   Women and sexual violence
7.   Women and decision making
8.   Child Protection
9.   Eucharist and Divorced and Remarried
10. Inclusive Language
11. Ecumenism and Interreligious dialogue
12. Family
13. Same sex Couples
14. Fair Trade