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At the source of our lives - France

PrévotThe WUCWO General Assembly was a discovery for us, for it was our first attendance.
The exchange groups allowed us to get to know the realities of women from other continents, which are, in some cases, totally different from our own.

We have seen their willingness to change their way of life, to change their status as women in the family, in their professional life and in the Church.
We appreciated the warm welcome of the African women with their songs and dances.
The teams of our association, Action catholique des femmes, are currently working on violence against people, whether physical or moral. In 2000, we had already worked on violence against women. In different regions of France, meetings are organised with speakers on the theme: "Violence yesterday and today, what will happen tomorrow?”
It was one of the two projects launched at our general assembly.

The second project is "living together," about respect and the transmission of values.
Action catholique des femmes is organising a big meeting in Lourdes in September 2019 on the theme "At the source of our lives." That will be a moment to reflect personally on our lives as women, to be carriers of living water to a world which thirsts for peace.
This three-day meeting is open to all women.


Chantal Nguyen and Joëlle Prévot

Action Catholique des Femmes, France

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