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Members of the Tanzania diocese visit WUCWO

3 Tanzania WUCWO Rome

In recent days, the World Union of Catholic Women's Organizations (WUCWO) had the opportunity to host some members of the Tanzania diocese, who shared valuable insights on the crucial role of working with younger generations and women's access to education. Among the visitors were Evaline Malisa Ntenga, WUCWO's Regional Vice President for Africa; Professor Deogratias, President of the Laity in Tanzania; Mr. Dalmas, President of the Laity in Zanzibar; Mr. Leonard, Youth Representative of Tanzania, and Theresia from the Early Childhood Society, accompanied by her mother Stellah.

The Tanzanian group visited WUCWO's offices after attending an audience with Pope Francis, whom they saw "happy and asked us to pray for him". One of the highlights during the visit was the importance of working with younger generations and ensuring women's access to education. It was emphasized that the women most in need of assistance in Tanzania are those residing in rural areas and widows, who face specific challenges requiring attention and support. In addition, the importance of living synodality as a form of inclusion of all generations was emphasized.

To sum up, the visit of the Tanzania diocese members served as an opportunity to reflect on the importance of strengthening the role of women in society and providing them with the necessary support to contribute significantly to the development and well-being of their communities.


WAWATA, founded in 1972 and comprising approximately 300,000 members, is described as the unifying body of all Catholic women in Tanzania. Its activities focus on Spirituality, Education, and Ecology, with a vision to "witness Christ" with a motto "to serve in the love of Christ."