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Message from the Ecclesiastical Assistant for Easter

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Dear sisters. Easter is not an arrival point but rather a starting point. I am moved and reverently contemplating the women who, on Easter morning, approached the sepulchre without letting anything or anyone stop them, even knowing that they could never move the stone. I wonder what strength, passion, and confidence encouraged them? Whatever it was, brought without any doubt, the Risen Lord to meet them and entrust them with the news that they rushed to announce: ""The Master is alive!" (Lk 24, 23).

When we delve into the experience of God and his mystery, the woman has always been a privileged subject. This does not only refer to  Mary. Those first witnesses of Easter, against any social or religious determination of that time, were several women. According to the Gospel of Matthew, there were two women: Mary Magdalene and the other Mary; according to the Gospel of Luke, there were many: Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary, the mother of James, and the other women; according to the Gospel of Mark, there were three women: Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome; while John only mentions Mary Magdalene. For them, the Encounter with Jesus means a recognition of their persons "outside from the house”, as seekers, listeners, itinerant, courageous, in community of equals, in short, disciples. And this is why it is Jesus himself who confirms the importance of women in the proclamation of the Gospel, and He does not do it by telling Peter or John to count on them, but He chooses to appear to them first. In fact, since that encounter of Jesus with them, they knew that they were sent in first person to share the message of the Resurrection. It is only through this assignment entrusted to the women that the Easter announcement turns into a true proclamation of joy for the disciples, who were frightened and afflicted by the death of Jesus.

This personal and profound encounter of those women with the living God gave them a unique role in the mission of the nascent Church. Through it, Jesus calls his disciples once again to build community and to do it from faith. Very often, many women approach countless situations and people whom others had "given up for dead" with the perfumes of faith and trust, causing resurrections. It is the consciousness of the fragility and the disproportion of what we Christians have in our hands that, combined with a gracious lucidity, does not let that love withers nor the fire of trust extinguishes: The Easter women are clinging to the power of God that brings forth Life from death.

Women of WUCWO, during this time of humanity, you are also called to be women who announce the Resurrection and awaken the rest of the Church to the good, to love, to fraternity, to hope, to beauty, to peace and faith. Women who are capable of getting involved in the most diverse levels of the Church and society, to discern and work up to generate the necessary changes to not corrupt or distort the courageous message of fraternity and peace that the Resurrected has entrusted to them.

Within a couple of months, we will meet at our World Assembly "Women of WUCWO, artisans of human fraternity for world peace". And what better way to start it off with the wonderful encounter that we will have with our Pastor Francis, who so much loves you and who has affirmed: "There is no salvation without women". Easter is not, then, an arrival point, but rather a  starting point…. Wherever you are in your life, start looking for the Resurrected who loves you and counts on you; do not get tired, do not doubt, do not let your heart grow cold... What are you waiting for? All of you, women of WUCWO, are called to announce the Resurrected. It is what happened with all of those women when, at the dawn of the New Day, encountered Jesus and received the errand to tell that He was Resurrected. And they run. Do likewise. I wish you a Happy Easter.

F. Marcelo Gidi S.J.

Ecclesiastical Assistant