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Our Social Responsibility committee has ben working on updating our Raising Awareness of Domestic Abuse booklet. It was finally launched at our October Board meeting to respond to the reporting of rising numbers of domestic violence during the corona virus lockdown. Information is posted on our website https://www.nbcw.co.uk where digital copies may be downloaded.

Our government has been debating legislation on how domestic violence should be addressed in law. NBCW has joined with other organisations in lobbying our members of parliament to make certain amendments.

  • Extend the Domestic Violence Rule and DDVC (Destitution Domestic Violence Concession) so that migrant women can better received the support they need.
  • Establish a safe reporting mechanism so that survivors who approach the police cannot have their data used for immigration enforcement purposes.
  • Establish a statutory duty on local authorities to provide community-based services for all survivors, including their children, and for migrant women.
  • Establish a new offence of non-fatal strangulation [[it looks like the govt has accepted this amendment, or will bring their own very similar one]]
  • Establish a new defence in law for survivors of domestic abuse whose offending is related to their status as survivors.
  • An adjustment to the benefit cap that would end the status quo that as things currently stand a survivor can be in a worse position financially than her abuser (who may even gain benefit wise) if she must claim because of his behaviour.


This we believe is necessary to ensure that all women survivors of abuse will be treated with dignity and respect. Our work on researching Domestic abuse has highlighted the need to address all forms of violence against women and girls so a new committee has been established to research these issues.

We have been able to continue our meetings using Zoom. Our AGM will take place in February when one of our member organisations – Catholic Action for Racial Justice (CARJ)- will give a presentation on their response to Black Lives Matter.


Maureen Meatcher

NBCW WUCWO Representative

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