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Synodality for Mission

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On June 13, the Dicastery for the Laity organised the Annual Meeting of Moderators of Associations of the Faithful, Ecclesial Movements and New Communities, where it was possible to reflect on "The Challenge of Synodality for Mission", with the participation of more than 220 people from up to 95 Associations of the faithful from all over the world.

The morning began with a Eucharistic celebration in St. Peter's Basilica presided over by Card. Kevin Farrell, Prefect of the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life. Afterwards, those present were able to participate in the audience with the Holy Father, who was close to them and was able to dedicate a few words to them. One of the wishes expressed by Pope Francis was that "following this Synod, synodality may endure as a permanent mode of working within the Church, at all levels, permeating the hearts of all, pastors and faithful alike, until it becomes a shared “ecclesial style”. He also stressed that the most important element of the Synod is the "parochial, diocesan and universal journey in synodality" and wanted to emphasise that " the starting point of spiritual conversion must be humility, the gateway to all virtues". He ended his speech by encouraging all those present to " go forward! And pray for me - please!

Cardinal Farrell was in charge of introducing the central theme: the importance of synodality throughout the Synod. He confirmed the link between the Synod and the Second Vatican Council, and said that the synodal path for movements and associations "can be very useful in creating a spirit of rapprochement, communion and sincere collaboration with pastors", and "be a goal for the mission", concluding that synodality has to find the way together with "the Spirit who is the one who shows us how to move forward".

On the other hand, Professor Rafael Luciani spoke with a paper entitled " Towards a constitutively synodal and missionary Church. Synodality is missionary and the mission is synodal", who spoke in depth on the concepts of "synodality" and "mission", stating that the "exercise of synodality starts from recognising that we are all active subjects of the mission", referring to the importance of recognising that we are all co-responsible for life and that "being people of God means being Church in mission, and this is sacramental".

Finally, Professor Elisa Lisiero took the floor, focusing on "Synodality and the experience of movements". From her inspiring talk, she stressed that being able to walk together, openness to otherness, is the "essence of the movements", because, through them, it is possible to create a space for fraternal sharing, since, normally, "it is in small groups that the word of God is found".

Throughout the afternoon, the different associations and movements were able to engage in dialogue, ask questions or express themselves through their testimonies and practices. Monica Santamarina, President General, explained how positive it is that in WUCWOF and through the World Women's Observatory (WWO) the voices of all women can be heard without fear or prejudice. This exchange of experiences was very positive and inspiring for all participants, because dialogue, listening and sharing is a way of learning new ways of doing things, which enriches us all.