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New Ecclesiastical Assistant: Father Marcelo Gidi Thumala, SJ

Padre Marcelo Gidi art 2

The Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life has appointed as Ecclesiastical Assistant to WUCWO Fr Marcelo Gidi Thumala, a Jesuit, professor of Canon Law at the Gregorian University, with years of experience working with the laity in his country (Chile) but now residing in Rome.
Here is his own presentation.

I thank the Church and all of you for the trust placed in me to spiritually accompany WUCWO in the realisation of its immense and important mission in the Church of this time. We could not believe in Christ if there had not been a woman, we cannot continue to believe without the mediation of the woman who continues to announce the love of God in this time.

Who am I? I like to be recognised as a man deeply loved by God. That is my fundamental identity, a son in the image of the Son, which is so often manifested in my many imperfections and weaknesses.

I was born in Chile. I grew up in a marriage incredibly blessed in faithful love, which gave life to 6 children: I am the second one. In this matriarchal family, my mother and grandmother inspired projects that have given coherence and meaning to my life. Courageous and humble women, generous and supportive, compassionate and believing, true and honest. In them, I believe that I will find the best codes to accompany this wonderful group of Catholic women’s associations.

Educated in a Marianist Brothers’ school, I began to study Law to eventually become a lawyer. In 1985, I entered the Society of Jesus, after an incredible course of struggles with God, from which I emerged, happily, defeated. After studying Theology and Canon Law, I graduated as a Doctor of Canon Law with a specialisation in Matrimonial Jurisprudence.

These two instruments, the love of God and my intellectual formation, have accompanied my entire priestly ministry. I have worked in schools, parishes, lay movements (CVX-CLC), universities and research centres. I have accompanied individuals, couples and groups, always recognising that they are instances to express and appreciate God’s love. I am currently an academic at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, where I am involved in the formation of new generations of canonists from all over the world.

Among people and books, I continue to experience God’s call to love, follow and serve Him together with many others who want to make this earth a foretaste of the Kingdom.

I hope that together we can help each other to recognise what God is asking of us and together help each other to fulfil it by giving all that we are.


Padre Marcelo y María Lía