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Women's Voice

WUCWO General Assembly in the framework of Pope Francis Magisterium

Here you can find extracts from some of the articles found in Women's Voice issue 46.


Editorial, Virginia Rivero Lozada

[…] It has been a challenge to realise this issue that tells how WUCWO and its upcoming Assembly in Dakar are inserted in the ecclesial dynamism of Pope Francis' pontificate; a new pontificate, fresh in the light of a renewed spirit. The Pope's dreams present us with new challenges as women members of the Church […]

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Message of the President General, Maria Giovanna Ruggieri

The latest Apostolic Exhortation of Pope Francis, Gaudete et Exsultate, is a strong invitation to pursue the way to holiness. The Dogmatic Constitution of the Vatican Council Lumen Gentium n°40 states, “The Lord Jesus… preached holiness of life to each and every one of His disciples of every condition,” no one is excluded. Pope Francis, since the beginning of the Exhortation, says that God “wants us to be saints and not to settle for a bland and mediocre existence.” (GE 1). This calling is for everybody. […]

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Message of the Ecclesiastical Assistant, Father Gerard Whelan, SJ

[…] I summarise the method of proceeding of Pope Francis in three points. First, the Pope stresses the importance of “discernment.” Pope Francis is, of course, is a Jesuit. The term discernment lies at the heart of Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, a retreat that every Jesuit novice undergoes in a process of thirty days of silence. Briefly put, discernment of spirits helps individuals differentiate between interior states of consolation and desolation and to become confident that decisions made in times of consolation are likely to be consistent with the will of God. […]

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“The teaching of Pope Francis and the actions of WUCWO”, María Lía Zervino, Servidora

[…] Promoting a female face in the Church is no easy task, but we have taken some steps in this direction. We trust in the grace of the Lord and the intercession of Mary, Queen of Peace, to continue together on this path towards the Dakar General Assembly 2018. Lately, the Secretariat is focused on the preparation of this fundamental event for us (see information on the following pages). Some of the activities of our organisations, of the President General and the Secretariat have already been disseminated on our website and in our Newsletter (you can subscribe for free at www.wucwo.org) and in our Facebook and Instagram spaces, with particular attention to our young users who can also send us short videos via WhatsApp. […]

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“Europe: Pope Francis asks us to not be tired grandmothers!”, Anne Girault

It was 2014: Pope Francis compared Europe to a tired grandmother! We were very offended, but he was right! At the end of 2017, during the conference "(Re)Thinking Europe", the Holy Father returned to his vision of Europe. Before European political and religious leaders, the Pope continued his reasoning and deplored the "dramatic sterility" of our continent. […]

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“Francis, the Pope of the poor and orphans”, Marie Madeleine Mwifi Bodibatu

[…] We take advantage of this great meeting in Dakar to express our gratitude to the Holy Father, Pope Francis, who struggles so much to maintain unity in our Church and cares for the poor and oppressed and for his prayers for Africans. […]

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“Human rights with inherent dignity for all women”, Maureen Meatcher

The National Board of Catholic Women (UK) co-sponsored one event at the 62nd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW62), hosted by the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the UN - “Preventing Human Trafficking among Rural Women and Girls: Integrating Inherent Dignity into a Human Rights Model.” […]

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“Receptive Ecumenism and Women: a new way towards Church Unity”, Janet Ward

[…] What is Receptive Ecumenism? Receptive Ecumenism is a Catholic initiative, a new venture in ecumenism much needed in what has been described as an ecumenical winter. It is new as it demands a new mindset. It recognises that all our churches are wounded as we are not One, as Christ prayed that we would be. […]

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XIII National Council of AFEC, Isabelle Konan

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of AFEC's existence, the work of this 13th National Council took place. A new methodology was adopted for the work of this meeting, which was based on a questionnaire on the achievements and prospects of AFEC after 20 years of existence. […]

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Women's Voice

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Voices from our Member Organisations which are testimony to the commitment of WUCWO´s members on the theme: "WUCWO General Assembly in the framework of Pope Francis Magisterium."

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