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Women's Voice

WUCWO Women, Carriers of “living water” to a world which thirsts for Peace

Here you can find extracts from some of the articles found in Women's Voice issue 44.


President General's Message, Maria Giovanna Ruggieri

Pope Francis spoke about the joy of the Gospel (Evangelii Gaudium), and he reminded us which is the source, the spring of our joy, and continuously invites all goodwill people to work for peace, for a more just world. In one of his daily meditations at Santa Marta, he suggests what is the attitude to be close to the suffering, to have compassion: among a multitude of people, Jesus is able to look at the single person. There are many examples of this capability of Jesus to focus on the problem of the single request he receives.

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“WUCWO Women, Carriers of “living water””, Father Gerard Whelan, SJ

We all resemble the woman at the well. Our lives are a pilgrimage which can be understood as a dialogue with Jesus. We are by no means always the same as the woman at the end of this story, with a full understanding of who Jesus is for us and ready to offer effective witness.

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 “Women, living sources of water”,  Elsa A. Tosi de Muzio

"I am thirsty", the Pope repeats again and again, to shake the conscience of a society anchored in indifference, determined not to listen to the cry of millions of human beings who live through the daily drama of making a living and pleading, "give me a drink".

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“Memories of Senegal”, Gillian Badcock

It was refreshing, after this grim experience, to be taken to see a small chapel dedicated to the memory of a French lady, the wife of a colonial official, who, in the early 1800s, had used her money to buy and free slaves. One more example of what good can be done by one woman of conscience.

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“Bringing living water and feeling amazed”, Marion Senellart

There are moments of mysterious intensity: silence in presence of a sick person who can no longer communicate. As I enter, I usually approach toward the bed, I lean over the patient to tell my name and I say that I am going to spend time with him. When I leave the room, I do the same to notify him/her about my departure, to thank for this moment spent together.

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Voluntary service, source of “living water”, María Delia Muñiz

The gratuity that comes from love is to give oneself for what is valuable but priceless. In volunteerism, the fundamental thing is communication, a scarce good in consumerist societies.

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“WUCWO Women, carriers of living water to a world which thirsts for peace”, Sœur Honorine Ngono

The participation of women at all levels of peace processes becomes a self-imposed imperative. Women's capacity to participate in decision-making can be enhanced through empowerment, education, vocational training, equal opportunity, and their involvement in decision-making processes at all levels.

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“A service built on faith & compassion”, Ainise Sevele

As we continuously search for new opportunities to bring more financial relief to our members and their families, we introduced at our main parish (my parish!) a pilot scheme which is a small microfinance business based on mutual trust among the members, and financed by a start-up fund from set contributions from the members themselves.

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“The world is thirsty for peace”, Oksana Bashuk Hepburn

One thing is certain: justice does not bring about war; injustice does. Therefore, the world needs more places where justice based on the rule of law prevails. There, people are free to realize their potential with the help of the state.

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UNESCO, Dominique Jacquemin-Mangé

“Educating is giving reasons to grow and have hope”, second Vatican Council. Convinced that education is the key to the overall advancement of women, WUCWO member organizations devote a great deal of effort to implement programs and activities addressed to education, women and girls”. 

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“WUCWO Women, Carriers of “living water” to a world which thirsts for Peace”, Adela González Gallego

Announcing the joy of the Gospel, transmitting faith, building a new culture of solidarity and revitalising our Christian communities are our goals. To carry them out we have worked on four challenges.

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“The catholic women’s league of canada gather in convention”, Velma Harasen & Cecile Miller 

The Lap Quilts of Love and Mercy Prayer Service highlighted some of the work done in response to the call to work on a “unique project of togetherness” as the 100th anniversary of the CWL approaches.

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“Building bridges for trafficked women”, Maureen Meatcher

Now is a time of urgent and effective action, to stop the sources of trafficking at its roots, to help those presently ensnared in this form of slavery escape, and help those who have been liberated to access the resources they need to grow and remain in freedom.”

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“Luis María Etcheverry Boneo, the servant of God: an uncompromising priesthood”, Eva Carlota Rava

God used this personality, fortified and transfigured by grace, to enrich and broaden the thinking and doctrine of the Church with a vision of the world founded on the Pauline motto, "To establish everything in Christ". Father Etcheverry interpreted St. Paul's "everything" in a literal way. There were no things in life that escaped his conviction that he should be an instrument of divine grace: nature and history; man and society; art, science and philosophy; economics and politics; "everything" is embraced by his theological gaze and action.

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Women's Voice

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Voices from our Member Organisations which are testimony to the commitment of WUCWO´s members on the theme: WUCWO Women, Carriers of "living water" to a world which thirsts for Peace.

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