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Women's Voice

Let us read Fratelli tutti with the eyes of Mary

Here you can find extracts from some of the articles found in Women's Voice latest issue.


EDITORIAL, Virginia Rivero Lozada

It is with satisfaction that we present Women’s Voice, issue No. 54, in the midst of difficult times but with a heart full of hope, for it knows that God does not abandon his people.

This year 2021 brings three great reasons for joy and hope for the Church and for WUCWO: we celebrate the Year of St. Joseph on his 150th anniversary as Patron of the Church, commemorated by Pope Francis in his Apostolic Letter Patris Corde (With a Father’s Heart).


We will find examples of women’s simple steps on God’s paths in this issue, entitled: LET US READ FRATELLI TUTTI With the eyes of Mary.
This issue was inspired by the Encyclical Fratelli tutti, the third Encyclical of Pope Francis, which forms part of a triad of documents of his pontifical magisterium, together with Evangelii Gaudium and Laudato si’. These documents, inspired by the Saint of Assisi, guide the steps of a Church
that goes forth, Samaritan, missionary, that welcomes and accompanies the suffering and the needy. [...]

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Mary is in heaven with her whole body and so, with the motherly gaze with which she looked at Jesus and with the same womanly eyes with which she looked at Joseph and all that surrounded her, today she looks at us and the critical situation we are going through. With confidence, after having read the new legacy of the papal magisterium, Fratelli tutti, we can ask her what she would do in our place.

Pope Francis exhorts us, right from the first sentence of the encyclical, to be builders of a society of sisters and brothers, so that our lives have “the flavour of the Gospel.” For this we need a change of hearts, attitudes and lifestyles (FT 166). The engine of change is love, which is not only expressed in “close and intimate relationships but also in ‘macro-relationships: social, economic and political’ (Caritas in Veritate, 2)” (FT 181). [...]

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In this edition of Women’s Voice, we reflect on reading Fratelli tutti with the eyes of Mary. As I mentioned in the last issue of Womens’ Voice, I prefer the term “social friendship” to “fraternity” because, in English at least, the term “fraternity” tends to provoke an image of friendship among men. By contrast, the term social friendship can evoke friendship among women, at family level, and at small community levels such as the neighbourhood, parent-teacher organizations in schools etc. The truth is, women are the primary promoters of social friendship in most cultures.


I suspect that not all of you are sure what is the role of the EA. The statutes of WUCWO are approved by the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life, of the Vatican. WUCWO has a high status in Canon Law of the Church, being called an “International Public Association of the Lay Faithful.” This means that it speaks and acts as an official representative of the Catholic Church. There is no other exclusively female association of this kind, so, in fact, WUCWO is the official voice of Catholic women. Of course, Catholics take care to remain in union with the teaching office of the Church. As part of maintaining this relationship, the Cardinal Prefect of the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life appoints an EA to “support the association in following its statutes.” [...]

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What better way to brighten up our daily lives in this time of pandemic than to carry out, with hope and excitement, an initiative to commemorate the 110th anniversary of the foundation of WUCWO? We were supposed to celebrate it together in Greece last year, but the pandemic forced our plans to change. The Board has proposed to extend the celebration period throughout 2021 and, God willing, to conclude it in person in Athens at the end of
the year.


In these difficult times, we will have to be very creative to carry out this celebration. We will need everyone’s support to come up with viable ideas and projects. By moving forward with confidence, we will succeed. [...]

Continued in Women's Voice

“WE ARE ALL ONE SINGLE FAMILY”, Catherine Nyangulu

Noting that we are now living in a time marked by war, poverty, pandemics, climate change, economic crises and violence, Pope Francis emphasizes promoting a universal aspiration towards fraternity and social friendship. The global pandemic has revealed to us that no one can face life in isolation as we are a single human family of brothers and sisters. We are therefore called to recognize a brother and sister in everyone we meet and for all Christians, recognizing the face of Jesus in the others who are suffering, reaffirming the dignity of every human being created in the image of God. [...]

Continued in Women's Voice


The meeting was held via Zoom this year and opened with everyone being urged to Orange the World, orange being the color adopted to stand for the fight against gender-based violence (GBV) because it is a symbol of a brighter future; one free from violence against women and girls.


The celebration began in 1991 when the UN Center for Women’s Global Leadership asked all to unite to end GBV. The Secretary General has renewed this celebration that extends from 25 November through 10 December (Human Rights Day) each year to bring this effort to the forefront.

249 million women aged 15-49 are known to have suffered physical violence last year. In many areas of the world, this is seen as normal due to unequal gender roles. With the pandemic, this violence is increasing with rises noted in domestic violence, child labor, drug abuse and prostitution. [...]

Continued in Women's Voice


It was wonderful to see in excess of 80 women attending the CWL Archdiocesan Councilorganised Day of Reflection “Living with Gratitude” facilitated by Joy Cowley1 at Our Lady of Grace Church, Heretaunga, Monday Nov 9th.

This was open to all parishioners to attend. Organised initially by CWL Wellington Chaplain Christine Paterson ably assisted by Kathleen Emmerson, Heretaunga, for all the organisation work ensuring the success of the day. National President Susan Dickson joined us for the day, as well as eight women travelling from two lower North Island branches and were billeted by Wellington CWL members. [...]

Continued in Women's Voice

 “VENITE ADOREMUS”, Merce de Uña

The main activity of ANFE is the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at night.

Once a month, all the adorers meet in turns to adore the Lord. We also have extraordinary vigils such as Corpus Christi, Maundy Thursday, New Year’s Eve and the Vigil for the Dead, which is the one being celebrated in Astorga, Spain. They are celebrated in all the dioceses where ANFE exists. [...]

Continued in Women's Voice


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Women's Voice

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