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Women, builders of bridges

Here you can find extracts from some of the articles found in Women's Voice issue 43.


Editorial, Virginia Rivero Lozada

I’m happy to present our magazine n. 43 dedicated to the "Women builders of bridges". This beautiful theme selected by the President was inspired by Pope Francis, who always invites us to fight against spiritual and material poverty, to heal wounds, and to facilitate the encounter of a reconciled humanity. The Pope asks us to "build peace together and build bridges". The women of WUCWO, in their daily lives, are builders of bridges of hope and peace around the world. [...]

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President General's Message, Maria Giovanna Ruggieri

Women builders of bridges represents the icon of WUCWO women who, wherever we live and act, we contribute to build up communities in which dialogue and encounter are the fundamental features. As Pope Francis encourages: “We are called to promote a culture of mercy based on the rediscovery of encounter with others, a culture in which no one looks at another with indifference or turns away from the suffering of our brothers and sisters” (MM20). We will never give up in our commitment to build peace and reconciliation wherever it is possible. [...]

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"The particular contribution of women", Father Gerard Whelan

Our theme of this issue of Women’s Voice is: “Women builders of bridges.” In this article I reflect on a question that is sometimes asked in our media today: Is it valid to make any generalization about what is distinctive about the contribution of women in society? Does this not stereotype them? Does this practice not, indirectly and subtlety, reserve to men key positions of power? [...] Might women of WUCWO perform a task of bridge-building towards those women who need to hear this life-giving message and leave behind philosophies that do not serve human flourishing?

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"To be a bridge, to be a mother", María Lía Zervino

It is clear that we, as women, define ourselves BRIDGES. Eve, the first woman, was destined by the plan of Providence to be a beautiful and good bridge for Adam, where he could admire the divine attributes in a human creature and thus be happy. Although this bridge fell into temptation and overshadowed the image which was destined to represent the feminine face of God, another woman, Mary, our Mother, restored the bridge between men and women and their Creator, giving us His Son and Savior. [...] What about us, women of WUCWO who are primarily concerned with other women? [...]

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"Reaching out, without confrontations", Elsa A. Tosi de Muzio

Pope Francis calls us to be "bridges" to heal wounds and facilitate the meeting between people, the core of a reconciled humanity. Over time, in many areas of society and at different levels, there has been some facts that have separated human beings, made them enemies, and put them one against the other. Some of these facts have been culturally inherited, while others are new because of the changes that occurred during the development of history and that generated wars, hatred, violence, inequalities, and inequities. Among them there is the "question of women", and its asymmetry, embedded since immemorial time in the consideration of men and women, stated as female inferiority and male superiority. [...]

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"Women build bridges", Emilienne Jeanne Batoum

WUCWO's mission is to evangelise through the work it does in favour of human development. "A holy soul in a holy body" is needed to fight against all the evils that undermine our spiritual and physical health. Work for human well-being, promote love, unity and peace in the Church and in society. This directly implies a work of mediation, a relationship, a bond. This is the reason for this article: "women build bridges", which affirms vigorously that women, more than ever, are working efficiently in the integration of peoples and therefore in the acceptance of the other. [...] Thus, the work of women, in the image of these bridges, aims to promote the encounter and contact of families and peoples. [...]

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"United Nations, New York...", Maribeth Stewart

The sixty-first session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61) took place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from 13 to 24 March 2017.  Representatives of Member States, UN entities, and ECOSOC-accredited non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from all regions of the world attended the session. As an accredited NGO, WUCWO was represented at these meetings by our international representatives Anne Manice and me. [...] The hope is that the above provides you with a feel for many of the topics addressed; the situations that remain sadly unchanged or that have grown worse for women and children and the achievements that have been made to better their lives. [...]

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"Tenderness Is Not Weakness, It Is Fortitude...", Veronica Cross

[...] Today our Relief and Refugee Charity has acknowledged shared responsibility in so many ways from highlighting the need for a fair and humane asylum system to supporting  ‘Sowing Seeds Therapy’ a successful gardening therapy project established throughout the country  to enable refugees grow their own produce. [...]

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"Important activities of Afec in Ivory Coast", Jeannette Touré

Ivory Coast is one of the Western African countries most affected by AIDS. This situation contributes to the worrying increase of impoverishment among the Ivorian population. Faced with these challenges, the Ivorian government has taken action for the last two decades to look after these vulnerable populations. [...]

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"Our commitment to education...", Irene Picasso de Maqueda

Pope Francis urges us to build bridges for peace. In Misiones Rurales Argentinas we work to build and strengthen the bridges of understanding, listening, empathy with our rural teachers, urging them to do the same in their educational communities. [...]

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Some celebrations of WUCWO Day

WUCWO Day Celebration in the Middle East: Viviane Sebrini, who along with other members of the Committee of the Women's Ministry (CPF), in Jounieh (Lebanon), actively participated in the meeting with Women from the Middle East that we organised in Bari, in October 2016, has written to tell us that they have celebrated WUCWO Day praying the prayer prepared by the Latin America and the Caribbean Region. [...]

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Women's Voice

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Voices from our Member Organisations which are testimony to the commitment of WUCWO´s members on the theme: "Women, builders of bridges".

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