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ENG Moment

On the occasion of World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, 30th of July 2020, our President General María Lía Zervino recorded a message to remember us that all forms of modern slavery are crimes against humanity.

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Monthly message July 2020

matt artz r9JjI8Z8e90 unsplash


Dear friends,

how nice it is to hear the sound of the bells when you arrive in a city! How nice it is to perceive the echo of a woman when she has been fully a woman in her life!

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Monthly message June 2020

agriculture 1822446 1920

Laudato Si' is our road map as women of faith.

Dear friends,

five years ago, Pope Francis gave us a new “treasure” of the Social Doctrine of the Church: Laudato Si'. Today we can tell that it is a prophetic encyclical. The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the deep connection and interdependence of all of us who live in the Common Home.

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Monthly message May 2020

Pentecostés El Greco 1597Mary is a model for WUCWO

especially during this crisis.

Dear friends,

Mary is the model of a resilient woman. Who else had the capacity to face the crisis of the Passion and Death of her Son? Who else could overcome the change that meant taking Christians as "sons" from the Resurrection? “The Church is a woman,” Pope Francis repeatedly tells us. In the context of the globalisation of the Coronavirus, Mary, the resilient woman par excellence, is the model who teaches us what steps to take on the path to holiness, particularly to those of us who have a responsibility for leadership in the Church, as is the case with each of the women in WUCWO.

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Monthly message April 2020


May the pandemic that confines us to our homes be our Easter.

Dear friends,

this is “our time.” It is the time of our Lenten conversion to transform “a time of pandemic ” into “a time of Easter.” It is our “kayros” (the time designated in God's plan) to born again with Jesus to new life. The Church leads us to con-version, that is, to receive the grace to change the “version” of our life in the face of the great trial that currently besets humanity.

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Letter of the WUCWO President on the global Coronavirus crisis

papa fatima

Dear friends,

I am writing to you while looking at a crucifix, which speaks of the love of our God who has come close, who has wanted to show his weakness until his death on the Cross, to accompany us, to guide us on the path to Salvation.

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Monthly Message March 2020

3 3 2020

Dear friends,

this month I would like to tell you why, how and what for we celebrated the International Women's Day in Rome with an ecumenical and interreligious meeting with women leaders from different perspectives: Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, ecumenical and Catholic. We have done this in collaboration with the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue and the sponsorship of the Embassies to the Holy See of the Netherlands, Austria, the Philippines and Argentina.

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Monthly Message February 2020

El habla con P Gerry y las otras 2 atrasCalled to share what we received

Dear friends,

on January 10th we had a private audience with Pope Francis. After such a gift to WUCWO, I decided to tell you about this wonderful experience in this message for the month of February 2020. What an immense grace to share!

I went with Father Gerry, our Ecclesiastical Assistant, and Andrea Ezcurra, Board member for Argentina who is only in Rome for a few months, temporarily acting as Secretary General.

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Monthly Message January 2020

maria camino1

Year 2020: WUCWO going forth.

Dear friends,

by the grace of God, we begin a new year of life. WUCWO itself is called to give birth to a new year of life. Based on our long trajectory and on our very rich history, we are heading towards the 110th anniversary of our foundation, which we will celebrate in 2020. It is a propitious time for us to grow. As the present pontifical magisterium requires of us, a growing WUCWO means: "WUCWO going forth".

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Monthly Message December 2019

adorazione pastori honthorst

Promoters of the revolution of tenderness of the Child Jesus.

A few days ago, I had the grace of being able to make a spiritual retreat. You, dear women of WUCWO, were always present in my prayers; I prayed for your intentions and gave thanks for your gifts and riches. I was able to do so in a retreat house a few kilometres north of Rome, run by an international community of religious sisters. These sisters, coming from different continents, with their different languages, reminded me of the diversity of faces and cultures that characterise our meetings: assemblies, Board meetings, regional conferences, live-streamed formation meetings.

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Message of the PG - November 2019

María Lía Zervino, Servidora


"In so far as you did this to one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it to me" (Mt 25:40), Jesus said to us.

May our path to holiness lead us, dear friends, to caring for and promoting the new generations.

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Photo MN Oct



October 2019, message of WUCWO President General


María Lía Zervino, Servidora


On October 1, we celebrated the liturgy of St. Thérèse of Lisieux. St. John Paul II, as he proclaimed her Doctor of the Church, said that she had received "the science of divine love" from the Master; that is why, this month, I invite you to share the example of her life.

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